Hiya startup founders! I do occasional angel investing. My typical check size is $5k - $25k. I am (aspirationally) quick to respond, generally am unambiguously yes or no within one conversation or less, and low drama for paperwork. I know a few things about a few things and am happy to pitch in with advice for invested companies (or anybody, really).

The companies I’m most happy to be pitched on are in infrastructure, SaaS, or financial technology. The more boring, the better! Drop me an email at patrick@kalzumeus.com and just feel free to send the deck with the first email. I will respect your confidences.

I am happy to invest via roll-up vehicles. My usual entity for investing is Kalzumeus Software, LLC. Please use 2045 W. Grand Ave, Ste B #95114, Chicago IL, 60612, USA for any correspondence or contracts.

Patio11’s Partial Portfolio

(If you’re not on here and you want to be, drop me an email.)

  • Census
  • Hash
  • Mosey
  • Manifold
  • MyMiniFactory
  • Primer
  • Seis
  • SignTime
  • Summit
  • TailScale
  • Warden
  • WorkCo


  • Stormpulse
  • MakeLeaps


  • CodePicnic
  • BinPress

Unsuited Connectors

My buddy Jay Winder and I did some co-investments through AngelList with some friends. We picked “Unsuited Connectors” for a fund name because a) poker joke and b) neither of us are suit people.

  • Compound
  • Levels.fyi
  • Matter
  • Naro
  • OnDeck
  • Swan Bitcoin (Jay is more bullish on crypto than I am, what can I say.)


I am a tiny LP in:

  • TinySeed (1, 2, and their EMEA fund)
  • Calm Company Fund (2, 3, and 4)
  • From Here Ventures

Who am I?

My name is Patrick McKenzie (better known as patio11 on the Internets.)

Twitter: @patio11 HN: patio11

Bits about Money

I also write a Bits about Money, a biweekly newsletter on the intersection of tech and finance.