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I’m generally a fan of Matthew 6:1 regarding tooting one’s own horn about charitable work, but the IRS is a fan of 26 CFR § 301.6104(d)-1, which mandates that charities make certain information inspectable by the public.

I am hosting the following in satisfaction of Call The Shots, Inc.’s legal obligations, as its (now former) CEO. As it has dissolved, it has no other web presence nor corporate office.

Call The Shots, Inc. d/b/a VaccinateCA

I served as the CEO for VaccinateCA, which was formally organized as Call The Shots, Inc., during 2021. We were a rapid response effort to help Californians (from January 2021) and everyone in the U.S. (from April 2021) find where they could access the covid-19 vaccines, whether they were currently eligible, and how to get in line for them. We also supported the Washington University in St. Louis STOP COVID Trial, which investigated the efficacy of fluvoxamine as a treatment for the covid-19 disease in adults. (Their followups are heartening reading.)

We worked in collaboration with state, local, and federal vaccination efforts and some of the largest publishers in the world. Our primary method of data collection was making human-powered phone calls at scale to healthcare providers, principally pharmacies.

We believe likely millions of people relied upon information which we sourced, curated, and distributed to access their vaccines.

VaccinateCA wound down in August 2021 after the vaccines were ubiquitously available in the U.S. and accessing them was only as hard as navigating the healthcare system is normally. We formally dissolved as an organization on February 3rd, 2022, following a slight delay by Delaware in processing corporate filings (caused by the pandemic).

VaccinateCA was a 501c3 charity, generously supported by various people and companies within the tech industry. We also relied upon the efforts of approximately ten organizers, ten employees, and approximately 500 volunteers. It was an honor and privilege to work with the team in quickly bringing our professional skillsets to bear against the pandemic.

We make available for public inspection the following documents, over the Internet. You may view them in PDF reading software of your choice.

Pursuant to IRS guidance we have redacted the names and addresses of contributors.

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