I’ve been soliciting some links from education sites to my home page.  There are any number of sites which collect links for teachers, and some of them include links to commercial software, too.  For those that had a convinient method of submitting new links, I put my name in the ring.  I’m aiming for 100% honesty in the process so I always picked commercial software and made it clear the link was an advertisement.

Apparently that just paid off, because my daily search for Bingo Card Creator puts my home page at #4 on the Internet (!) after that domain has been registered for approximately two weeks (!!).  Now, thats not quite my target search term (“make bingo cards” gets searched far, far more often, as I’m gradually learning from paying for people searching for it) but I expect I’ll be much higher on the organic lists after I get a pagerank assigned by Google.  That could take a while.

Incidentally, for those not already using it, Google Sitemaps is your friend.  Seriously.  You want to get crawled without any errors — make it easy for Google to do so as soon as humanly possible.