Since launch I’ve probably spent ~10 hours (some of them at work — sorry boss!) obsessing over the project and doing various tweaks here and there.  I really need to chill out, at least during work hours, and get some work done on my “real” project.  Ahh well.

Expenditures: $5 for Yahoo Search Marketing (got a $25 freebie), $3 on eBay listing fees for an experiment.  Total expenditures now $43.22, I think (I’ll count in the Google ads once they’ve actually been billed).

Other places I promoted the program/site:

  • I put out a PAD file which causes lots of the non-main download sites to automagically list my program.  That was a great deal of exposure for not a penny and not a lot of effort.  I highly recommend anybody who writes consumer-oriented shareware to give this a whirl.
  • Teacher bulletin boards. Not web forums in the sense an internet user would think of — there are lots of sites dating back to the mid-90s which just collect resources in bulletin board format.  Title, link, text.  Many of these have places where you can, for free, post a notice about commercial software.  Completely on the up and up and got me several nice inbound links from sites with obscene PRs (a handful of 7s and a bag full of 6s).  One of them even got actual people to send in inquiries (people actually read advertisements when they are classified as advertisements?  That amazes me, but it really shouldn’t seeing that I’m paying for folks to do it every day.  Its heartening to know you can still do well for yourself by being honest with folks)  .