Sales: $24.95 (of which Paypal keeps $1.02)

Subtotal: $23.93


$6 — eBay listing fees.  Thinking I’m going to stop here.  People on eBay are just not willing to pay any price I’m willing to charge (I get 20+ views per auction but no sales).

$10.02 — website through GoDaddy, billed for first two months (and a year of the domain).

~$15 — international fax to get legal documents to eSellerate

$5 — minimum signup to use Yahoo’s sponsored search thing (I got a $25 credit for signing up).  After the credit has elapsed I’m thinking of canceling — I just can’t stand them next to Google and their performance compared with Google sucks.

$30 — my expected first month expense of working with Google, which drives probably 50% of my trial downloads.

Subtotal: $66.02

Hours worked: I estimate I’ve put about 5 hours in in the last week, so we’re somewhere in the vicinity of 50 total.