I’ve not accomplished anything major this weekend (working on some expanded Wizard functionality for math classes so I can start pitching the product to people not teaching reading) but there were one or two minor niggles with my program and website that I wanted to fix.  The first was inconsistency in Wizard naming — some levels had Dolch Word Lists and some had Dolch Sight Words, etc.  While inconsistency is fine for the website (got to catch search engine synonyms) I wanted the UI to look a wee bit more professional (it should also be sorted, which I’ll have to do later — currently the wizards end up alpha-sorted by filename instead of logically sorted by progression, so you end up with First Grade before Pre-Primer).

Here’s the other thing I just figured out: my links do not look like links, because they are not underlined.  I can’t believe that I’ve missed that for the entire time I’ve been working on my website.  I’m going to dive into the CSS later today and fix that.  Normally I would have scorned the idea that it would make a really big difference, but I’m seeing the clickstream data, and its not encouraging — many many people trying to get to the free trial, for example, click the Free Trial tab and then click it *again*.  That could be a double-click gone awry, except most of the other tabs don’t suffer this problem.  I doubled my downloads in a day by putting up those buttons — making the links scream “I’m a link!” can’t possibly hurt.