Wow, the pressure of getting through a deadline at work this week made me completely forget: its now (barely) Friday in America and that means the Bits Du Jour promotion will be going on today!  (I talked about how I ended up saying yes to this promotion after an e-mail out of the clear blue sky several weeks ago.)  I was reminded of this by a sudden anomalous order in my mailbox — who orders Bingo Card Creator at 2 AM in the morning local time?  Apparently, someone who saw the 40% discount and just said “I gotta have it!”

I think Ellen did an absolutely superb job of writing the advertising copy.  She originally started with what I had on my website as a base, then made a slight addition at my suggestion, and then went on to “embrace and extend” my market to places where I hadn’t even considered it would be useful (and where it might not have been useful at $24.95, but was swingable at $14.95 — yay for smart market segmentation).

Let me take the liberty of reproducing this copy here since I guess its probably going to vanish into the ether after today is over.  Its, as I said, excellent (if a little more aggressive about getting the sale than I would be — then again, I guess that makes sense with the time-sensitive format).  I had originally been expecting about 2 sales but given that I got one of them at 3 AM in the morning I’m thinking Bits Du Jour is going to significantly outperform my expectations.  Its a pity I don’t have a bit wider of a niche, but for folks who do I recommend taking a half an hour one day and seeing whether you and Ellen can’t come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.  I’m always willing to take total losses on 30 minute experiments.

Check back tomorrow for the gory details of how many copies were sold exactly.  Maybe I’ll even make a chart — I’m very interested in whether these customers are going to look like my normal customers (teachers generally buy on their lunchbreak, shortly after school ends when planning lessons for the next day, or between the hours of 9 and 11 pm at night which I think is shorthand for “after I have put the kids to sleep”) or not.

Roll Your Own Bingo Cards

Bingo Card Creator

Regular price: $24.95

Bits du Jour Today Only price: $14.95

You save: 40%

If you’re a teacher – especially if you’re teaching younger children, or if you’re teaching a language – you’ve probably used Bingo playing as a great teaching aid.

But if you’ve ever tried making your own cards, you know how tedious it is. And if you’ve tried buying cards, you undoubtedly haven’t been able to find all the cards you wanted, or haven’t wanted to buy a whole set just for a limited-time use.

But you don’t have to be a teacher to enjoy this great program. If you’re a parent, you’re probably always on the lookout for a good game to play with your kids. But how great would it be if you had a game specifically tailored to their interests, or to recent vacations or upcoming activities? And daycare providers, retirement community workers and other professionals can almost always use a fun, personalized activity for their groups.

Bingo Card Creator lets you easily make and print your own Bingo cards.
  • Save time: Print Bingo cards for your entire classroom with your own computer and printer in mere minutes. Writing cards by hand takes hours. Let your PC do the tedious work for you.
  • Save money: Why spend $10-$15 on buying single activity sets from traditional publishers, when you can make an infinite number of your own.
  • Tailor your activities: There’s no need to limit yourself to stock Bingo card sets. Make your own cards, matched exactly to your lesson plan and your students. Teaching math? Make cards where the numbers are the answers to the questions you’re asking. There’s no limit to what you can do.
  • Keep their interest: What’s harder than competing with TV and computers for your students’ – or childrens’ – interest? But what about animal Bingo right after a trip to the zoo? Or landmark Bingo for that upcoming road trip? Or Christmas Bingo for that long week before the holidays?
  • Teach any subject: If you can type it on your computer, you can put it on a Bingo card. Answers to questions, vocabulary lists, translations, math facts, social studies facts, student names (great for first day jitters), famous people — the choices are unlimited.
  • Not just for parents and teachers: Use Bingo cards in retirement communities, at parites, or for corporate events. Read sample uses.

Who Needs Bingo Card Creator?

  • Teachers – It’s a great tool for teaching young children, languages (including ESL), and even older ages. You don’t have to call out words on the cards; you can have the answers to questions, translated words, or even class members’ names.
  • Parents – Do your kids get bored in the car, or shopping? Make cards they can fill in during trips and events. And make your own party game cards for birthday or other parties. Play Harry Potter Bingo, SpongeBob Squarepants Bingo or BratzBingo!
  • Daycare Providers – Here’s an activity you can do with a whole group, but tailored to their specific interests, the time of year, or anything else you think of.
  • Retirement Center or Group Home Workers – A Bingo Card Creator customer who works in a retirement community wrote that the residents are “absolutely thrilled to be able to play a brand new game of bingo every week”.
  • Corporate Event Coordinators – Get people introducing themselves quickly with Bingo Cards with attendees’ names. Or keep them paying attention in sessions with “Buzzword Bingo”.