End result of the Bits du Jour promotion: 2 sales, which was exactly what I had been expecting. Ahh well, I am a wee bit niche, after all. I also had 5 sales from “regular” customers on the same day, which is an all time record, and I’m not sure some of them weren’t caused by a) downloading my executable straight from Bits du Jour b) using the purchase now button within the executable and c) neglecting to notice the fact they were getting charged $24.95 instead of $14.95.

I’m going to give it a day or two for Google Analytics to catch up with all the conversions (its been crazy slow this week for me) and then decide whether to credit all the ones I don’t have a positive identification of the source for or just credit them all.

Oh, incidentally, I got perhaps 60 hits from Bits du Jour during the promotion. For those of you who sell a somewhat less niche product, Bits du Jour could potentially make you a nice bit of money.