Its that time again. Same disclaimer as all of my stats releases: its tough resolving the edge cases on the 1st and 30th of the month due to time zone issues, I roll out multi-month expenditures so that if I paid 3 months of web service in August I charge myself one month’s worth in September, and I take no responsbility for the accuracy of these figures until it comes time to chat to the IRS and zemusho at the end of the year.

Capsule review: My first two weeks went like gangbusters, my last two weeks have been pretty limp. Google AdWords has thrown me for a loop and I haven’t had the hours in the day to spend to recover from it yet. Text Link Ads were not a very profitable expenditure. Tucows, on the other hand, a direct PR9 link plus significant download traffic means a very happy uISV.

Sales: 22 (+2 refunds: one customer error, one less-than-totally-happy). 2 sales were at a discount through Bits du Jour

Gross sales: $533.90

Net sales after Bits du Jour and Paypal fees: $505.96


Hosting (GoDaddy): $10.02

E-junkie: $5

Tucows Expedited Submission: $52

Google Adwords: $90

Text Link Ads: $35

Total Expenses: $192.02

Profit: $313.94