I saw my first line of Java code today in over a month.  One of my recent customers had a very severe showstopper bug (not being able to print) caused by an edge case which I knew was out there but hadn’t been planning to fix until v1.05 (it involves breaking my assumption that most teachers usually print to the default printer).  I had considered fixing it in 1.04 but thought it would take up too much time to do so.  It ended up taking less than an hour, AND I threw in an improvement on another feature while I was at it — my printing code is a big ugly hairy beast so when I go to fight with it I intend to come out with a freaking pile of treasure to justify my time.

1.05 isn’t released yet but, seeing as how I have a holiday on Thursday for the first time in a month or so, I think I’ll spend half of it going down my new features checklist and the other half with the deploy-to-the-Internets procedures.  I love RoboSoft — set it and forget it.  Memo to self: include the holiday lists just in time for Turkey day and the rush of consumerism in its wake.