This has been a bit of an odd week for me.  Aside from being laid low by the worst flu I’ve had in years (Japanese socialized medicine to the rescue!), I’ve gotten no less than four inquiries from people at taking up various positions at their various software ventures/uISVs/etc, and all of them have cited Bingo Card Creator (the business more than the software) or this blog as the reason for extending the offer.  I’m quite flattered, and almost scared (c.f. Groucho Marx, on his opinion of a political party which would have him as a member).  When I started this blog I had vague dreams of perhaps eventually using it as a portfolio of sorts in case my next position required writing on a regular basis, but I hadn’t ever thought people would actively seek me out over it.

That being said, until next August when my next day job starts I have far too many irons in the fire to be taking on additional projects: in addition to increasing demands of my time at the day job, Bingo Card Creator, and all things a 24-year old can find to busy himself with (aside from giving this apartment a good cleaning, which it has really needed for a while now), I’m shortly going to be starting an intensive search for my next “real job”.  If you think that you have just the job for me, by all means feel free to send me an email.