I have been thinking of how to create application buttons for Kalzumeus in a pretty Web 2.0-ish style and, on the recommendation of several BoSers, bought Axialis Icon Workshop.  To test it out, I decided to redo my sort of frumpy Buy Now! and Download Free Trial buttons for Bingo Card Creator, and see if the new versions aren’t any more successful.  While you can of course see them at the best place to get bingo cards for teachers on the Internet, I’ve isolated the section of the interface so you won’t even have to click off this site:

The Old Buttons (Created in Paint.NET using an open source button as base)

The Old Buttons At Bingo Card Creator

The New Buttons (Created in Axialis Icon Workshop, using their Web 2.0 Objects Pack, with cropping and resizing in Paint.Net)

New Buttons

(Edit: GoDaddy seems to be undergoing maintenance or something.  If you’re getting slow as heck performance grabbing those images, that is also affecting my website proper.  Yay.)