Bob Walsh, who literally wrote the book about uISVs, has opened up a software consultancy for uISVs with the suitably Web 2.0-y name 47hats.  Not sure I would go for that name myself but, hey, not my business on the line.  While I have occassional disagreements with Bob about the relative ranking of priorities for the uISV*, he has contributed a lot to the community and one more resource for uISVs trying to cross the chasm from $0 to $1 in revenue is always a good thing.  (And there are plenty of chasms after that one, too.)

  • Two examples: I think he places more emphasis on incorporation and legal documents than is warranted for many uISVs, and I think some of the recommendations he makes in his super-helpful series of website reviews for uISVs are based more on intuition than on data, and I suspect the intuition is flawed.

Speaking of his book: while I somehow managed to avoid reading it, my understanding is it would have shaved a heck of a lot of time off my first week of nailing down administrivia decisions like payment processors, bank accounts, hosting, etc.