… I have been absorbed in preparations for temporarily returning to the US, moving jobs, moving apartments, and etc.  Try imagining the stress of planning a month-long vacation, a job hop, and a move at the same time — now add in the wrinkle that it is all done in a second language*.  I will be back in the US on the 27th with my brand-new Dell laptop (on which I am writing this post) and about a solid month of time to hang out with the family and work on Kalzumeus.  Then it is back to the daily grind, this time at a OSS-based computer consultancy in Nagoya at a decently higher salary than my last contract. 

 See you all then.

  • Just when you think “Oh, it can’t be so bad, I am a qualified translator after all” Murphy’s Law says that the travel agent’s database will forget you exist, the landlord will try sneaking a rider onto page 8 of the contract to charge 10% extra, and the immigration bureau will erroneously tell you that their visa guidelines have changed to disallow your trip.  Ahh well, all fixed now, although I will have to give my landlord a piece of my mind when I get back.