A gentleman by the name of Ezell apparently told his friend that I had made a successful business in a ridiculously short amount of time, so it must be possible.  The friend disagreed.  Ezell said “I’ll prove it!”, and has decided to one-up me in the process, by shaving a few days and dollars off my schedule.  I personally think he will be able to do it, and am rooting for him.

The program is going to be called BabyAid, running in a niche roughly similar to TrixieTracker.  I previously commented on the Business of Software message board that I believe this is a very underserved niche which one could really do a lot of good in with the right offering. 

Incidentally, the friend was disagreeing as a result of his experience as a independent game developer.  I agree, for a game developer to produce a game worth paying money for, 8 days and no budget for art or music assets will probably not cut it.  Personally, I think that developing videogames is an excellent hobby if you like it (I have contributed to OSS ones in the past) but it makes a very poor choice for someone wanting to start a business.  Maybe I’ll go into why on another post.