Hideho, folks on the Internet.  I run a small business which sells software that makes bingo cards, and every time a holiday runs around Google sends me a couple thousand people looking for holiday bingo cards.  So you know what?  I decided to make some early for Christmas this year, and give them away.  Merry Christmas.  There are couple varieties which you can find on my holiday bingo card page.  Feel free to use them for any purpose you wish, print them out, play them with your family or class, whatever you want to do.  And please, it’s Christmas — give them to anyone you think would want them.  All of the card sets can be run off at your printer and come with instructions.

Now, having once been a teacher, I know that schools, businesses, and the like handle Christmas holidays That Winter Thing differently.  Personally, I prefer to spend Christmas with my family, have a nice dinner, go out to Mass, and in general have the whole wonderfully American package of loving family and friends, deeply moving religious experience, and a wee bit of tinsel and presents mixed in.  But every year we hear about how some grinch saw a creche which didn’t have the requisite plastic elf next to it and decided to sue everybody in sight.  So I broke the Christmas lists into two: on the one hand, we’ve got the traditional Christmas bingo cards which cover the Christmas story that I’ll be hopefully hearing at midnight Mass, and on the other hand we’ve got the ACLU-approved reindeer & Santa Christmas bingo cards.  And, in the spirit of further giving (and hopefully a little peace over the holidays), there is the mixed Christmas bingo cards.

P.S. I’m a little late for our Jewish friends but I did do some Hannakah bingo cards as well.  Hopefully you’ll find a use for them the next four days.  Let me know if I screwed anything up, as my honorary so-Catholic-he’s-almost-Jewish card that I got in high school is expired and I’m finding it difficult to renew these days (I live in Japan and, well, if you thought you guys were a minority in America…*)

*Funny stories abound on this topic, actually.  Ask me about the Orthodox Jewish Japanese girl some time.

P.P.S.  For the curious, wondering about which type of Christmas is big this year, take a gander at the list of most popular bingo cards, which my website keeps constantly updated.  All of the Christmas lists are probably going to be on there until January, if history is any indication. 

You’ll see the order — the consolidated Christmas list is called “Christmas bingo cards”, the Christmas story version is “Christmas (Traditional) bingo cards”, and the Santa at the Mall version is “Christmas (Seasonal) bingo cards”.