Saw this on Carsonified a minute ago:

Google released a new version of Analytics which requires you to update your script and, in return, gives you a lot of goodies.  (You can keep the old one if you don’t want the goodies.  It will continue working for at least another year, but will receive no new updates, aside from (presumably) security fixes.)

New features of particular note to the ISV:

  • Track downloads and, with a little work, download completions and download times (free link to whoever figures out the best way to do this first, it is 2 AM and I am not doing Javascript at this hour)
  • Tracking access to dynamic content — Flash objects, Javascript/AJAXy elements/etc, embedded videos
  • Track e-commerce conversions better (here’s hoping it works this time)
  • New reports are getting rolled out which won’t be compatible with the old way.

Fair warning: a quick perusal of the PDF integration guide suggests that this is slightly more pain than Analytics used to be.  Nothing to be worried about if you’re a programmer, but I will be handling this project myself for my brother’s superhero novel blog.  This doesn’t require Peter Parker levels of scientific accumen but it isn’t a Hulk Smash Puny Variable project, either.