I’m hiring again, on a project unrelated to the last two.

Details are on eLance — I needed a bit more robust response to this offer than I got the last time I advertised a web design job here, but that is likely because my timing was poor and my blog has been dead for a while.  It took me forever and a day to figure out how to get a simple permalink out of them, but eventually I abused their “mail description to a friend feature” to do so.  Here are the details.

In a nutshell:

I’m going to need someone to make a 1 page template to cover a merge of Bingo Card Creator and Daily Bingo Cards.  DBC has been fairly successful and I want to fold its pages into Bingo Card Creator, which will provide Bingo Card Creator with some badly needed updated content on a daily basis and will allow me to use the much, much higher link juice pointing at BCC to rank DBC’s cards.  None of this specifically requires me to have a new design, naturally, but I figured as long as I was going to have to edit every page on a website might as well use the opporunity to make it look pretty.  And I’ve got some revenues around from January to do it with.


  • The market is overwhelmingly female, 30-40s, and non-technical.  The design needs to be bright, clean, and inviting to this audience.  I like Web 2.0 aesthetics, such as you’d find at CrazyEgg, BlinkSale, or the like.
  • The basic layout of the page isn’t changing much: header, horizontal navigational categories, sidebar moves to left, main content area.  The main content area is divided up into sections (similar to the current Bingo Card Creator home page).
  • The main content area should take up most of the space on the page, similar to how it does currently. 
  • Target for 1024×768 resolution. 
  • The design will have to showcase black and white bingo cards, of substantially similar appearance (including size) to the ones currently on Daily Bingo Cards.
  • New buttons for the free trial and purchasing links, as well as any others you feel are appropriate.
  • You’ve got a free hand to use or ignore any previous icons/banners/etc.  I am paying for your visual and design expertise, so do what you think is best.  It is my personal opinion that the current banner is too large.
  • I really, really hate stock photos of random people.  No visual element can suggest that Bingo Card Creator is related to gambling in any way — bingo balls, etc, are out.

You can send a bid and portfolio to (my first name)@bingocardcreator.com or you can respond through eLance, whichever you are comfortable with.  I’m thinking in the general vicinity of $300 – $500 and completion in under two weeks from project acceptance.  (I am fairly responsive with change requests, and don’t imagine there will be that many.)  As usual, I don’t particularly care who you are, where you live, etc — if you can follow instructions well enough to get the job done that is good enough for me.