My little brother, with the blog set up to sell his eventually-going-to-be-published superhero novel, has started some pretty hard-core-for-a-college-student optimizations to make his writing more sticky.  This post is probably of genuine interest to uISVs, as it involves changes in header art which essentially make the blog’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) more comprehensible and the blog connect better to the target readership.  This has apparently caused about 25% more readers to stick around and actually keep reading when they’re drawn into his copious linkbaiting efforts.

He also found that rewriting old evergreen content to make it better bears some fruits.  That is a good idea you could probably adapt for your business, too.  I do wee little experiments with my most popular pages quite frequently to see what I can do to increase their popularity and also increase the amount of value they pump into the rest of my business.  I can vouch for my brother’s finding on “adding by subtracting” — decreasing the number of free bingo cards offered on one page greatly increased the percentage of visitors who downloaded, and increased the amount of time spent on site substantially (like, by a factor of two substantially).  It also drove many folks from a conversion to a card (low value — measured in pennies) to a conversion to the trial (much higher value — 60 cents or so).

Food for thought!