I don’t link out to uISV bloggers often enough and when I do it is often to the usual suspects.  However, recently, I’ve broadened my reading horizons and discovered that there are a couple of newer uISV bloggers out there who are very worthy of your time.  I thought I would feature a few:

Optimization Blog — Are you an A/B test junkie, or recovering junkie?  Have you ever decided to A/B test whether customers respond better to the #0000FF or #0000FE as a link color?  Then you just might like this blog.  Topics of note include placement above the fold, Big Freaking Download Buttons, and buttons versus textual links (the results will not suprise you if you’ve been reading this site for a while, but I have them in my feedreader on the chance they come up with fun new stuff).

MicroISV Class of 2007 — Tracks a collection of uISVs started in 2007 through their sophomore year.  Good luck to all!  (Some of them are pretty impressive, although I don’t know if I would spend quite so much effort on WebsiteGrader.  There is a point after which optimizing for metrics not measured in dollars or other objective measurements of customer interest ceases to be productive.  But I like pretty charts as much as the next guy, so I keep tuning in.)

Planet MicroISV — The world’s best collection of uISV blogs, now with a new and improved interface (from Styleshout, who have a wide variety of free Web 2.0-y themes if you’re looking for one — if you have a blog or linkbait project that needs to look pretty in a hurry I highly recommend them).

If you’ve got another blog the community should be reading, drop a comment.  Feel free to drop a link to your own blog, unless it is PartyPoker-HighestPayouts.co.ru.