Andy Brice, man of many talents, is putting together a Christmas drive to make t-shirts for programmers and donate the proceeds to charity. Sounds like a swell idea — particularly the donating to charity bit, as my office will let me wear a T-shirt the day after I get elected Prime Minister of Japan.

Who Benefits:

Jaipur Foot: A charitable foundation which provides support to the disabled and needy in India, including by providing low-cost prosthetics.  

Sightsavers: A charitable foundation which provides surgery and other medical care to people at risk of losing their eyesight due to mostly easily treatable conditions.

What You Can Do To Help Out:

1)  Buy a T-shirt, naturally.  I like “Be Nice: I have a blog” personally.  

2)  Help spread the word about Andy’s charitable drive.

3)  Donate to the charities directly (links are available on their websites, mentioned above).

What I’ll Do To Help You Help Out:

Take a picture of yourself wearing one of Andy’s T-shirts.  Alternatively, if you just straight out donated, take a picture holding a sign with a funny programming joke.  (Or something which would approximate funny if programmers had a sense of humor.  I suggest “I’m in your world debugging your illnesses!”)  

Inform me of the photo in some manner — comment, trackback, email, skywrite your TinyURL over central Japan, whatever.  For every person who does so by Christmas, I’ll chip in $30 direct to the charities.  (We’ll set a sensible limit for the matching grant at, say, the first ten folks who take me up on it.)

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