About two weeks ago Andy Brice got in touch with me about throwing some blogging support behind a programmer-focused charity drive he started this year. I thought, hey, why stop at blogging — it would probably work better with a dedicated website, some linkbait, a little Flickr integration, and the like.  So we put our heads together and came up with something — not bad for two guys who have never met and live about 9 time zones away from each other, eh?

(You know, in the annals of offshoring, this may well be the first time somebody from the UK “hired” an American in Japan on the behalf of “clients” in India.)

Programmer T-shirts is now open for business charity.  I’ve also posted a fairly substantial essay on how both open source software and the principles animating it can be helpful to charity, which will hopefully be a hit with the Slashdot set.  That essay includes tips at the bottom on how you can help out, both monetarily and by giving generously of your time and/or attention, the non-monetary alternate currencies of the Internet.  

Merry Christmas!