Hideho everybody.  After a week of being truly swamped at work I’ve managed to get back to my computer and, hopefully, fixed the errors that borked the Mac and (native) Windows builds last time.  If you could take a moment and confirm that they run as expected, that would be great.

The easiest way to check is to install the program, run, select any Wizard, and then print one bingo card.  If everything works, great.

With particular regards to the Mac version: I’m in the very unenviable position of having to release Mac software without a) having touched a Mac in 10 years and b) without having access to a Mac to test on.  That fact that this is even possible is near miraculous (yay for Java), but if you notice any niggles (window opens at wrong place, etc) I’d love to hear of them from you prior to hearing of them from my customers.

Windows version (requires Java 1.3+ installed)

Windows version (native — doesn’t require Java — and a honking 13 MB install means that this time I actually included the right stuff!)

Mac version (shouldn’t require anything you don’t have)


What is new:

1)  Windows version only: shell integration with .BCF files (finally!)

2)  A few improvements under the hood  (“write once, debug everywhere” oriented)

3)  Everything from previous post