So for the last several years, I’ve had a free trial which generated the majority of my sales.  The free trial includes the following three restrictions:

  1. It can’t import text files (except the free cards provided by me).
  2. It can’t save files.
  3. It can’t print more than 15 cards.

New in BCC 2.5, which should be out in the next few days, I’m adding a new difference between the free trial and the registered version: the registered version entitles you to automatically download new bingo cards as I release them.

So that’s the background.  What is the oversight?  I have, for a long time, tracked whether people get to my purchasing page via coming from the trial or not — but I have never tracked from where in the trial.  It could be because they hit the Purchase Now button, or it could be at one of the prompts which pops up every time they hit one of the restrictions.  It would be very, very helpful for me to know which of those restrictions are most effective at driving the sales… but I never thought of tracking it before, at least not enough to spend the 8 minutes it took me to add that in.

Do you know what drives people to upgrade from your trial?