Thanks to my new expense tracking feature on the BCC website and the magic of TaxAct (the only online filing place I’ve found that supports the vast, vast number of American uISVs with day jobs subject to the Foreign Earned Incom Exclusion), for literally the first time in my life I have my taxes done well ahead of schedule.  Whee!

Final numbers, for those who were interested:

Sales: $21,720

Expenses: $12,318

Profit: $8,798

Self-employment taxes: a bit over $1,200


The expenses number includes some things which aren’t strictly speaking BCC related — mostly, costs sunken into getting the second product up and running.  More about that when I have something to show.

I also ended up scheduling the IRS to take four nice big bites out of my checking account during the year because the amount of taxes I expect to owe next year is going to be a few thousand more and if I have the money in my account I’ll probably do something stupid like spending it on a TV or, worse, investing it.  (Am I bitter about that?  No, not at all.  But it makes for a good joke.)