Now that my blog is chilling on my server and I can actually install plugins, I’m starting to add some of the ones I’ve used for other projects, such as my brother’s blog about the superhero novel.  My favorite plugin, which also has my favorite name, is What Would Seth Godin Do?.  

Answer: he would cookie everyone who came to the blog, so that you could show different views of it to people who had been following for years and people who just arrived fresh off a Google search for software marketing tips and don’t have any idea who the heck I am.  

In keeping with my general preference for unobtrusiveness, I’ve put the links in a nice, subtle box beneath posts.  Most people would opt for above the post for maximum visibility, but I don’t need the distraction for the (several thousand people) who get here for some variant of I want to pay someone money to make bingo cards please tell me oh great Google where I can do this.