CrazyEgg is really one of my favorite secrets of being a metrics junkie, simply because it makes problems look so freaking obvious, when they could be buried if you relied on quantified analysis.  For example, there is nothing I can drill into in Google Analytics, A/Bingo, or my homegrown stats tracking which would have told me what this picture does:

That is my AdWords landing page.  I paid good money to get folks to see it, and I want them clicking the photo or the big purple button, not clicking the non-active text in the sidebar!  Thank you, CrazyEgg, you again earned your monthly keep and then some.

Sure, now that I know the problem is actually happening, fixing it is a matter of adding one line in a Rails template (to cause those bullet points to be hyperlinks to the conversion).  OK, two lines: one line to make the “obvious” fix… and another line for the A/B test.