patio11's tweetstorms

This page is very work-in-progress but, hey, better the Internet than my hard drive. It currently covers ~5% of my tweetstorms and has terrible design.






What are these?!

Patrick McKenzie photo Tweetstorms are mini-essays originally posted on Twitter. I find that it is (annoyingly!) easier and more fulfilling to write them in my between-doing-things moments than it is to clear a day for writing, so they make up an (annoyingly!) high portion of my public written output these days. Since I think writers should own their work, I'm mirroring the better ones to my site (semi-manually at the moment while I hack about on design). If for some reason you'd rather just follow me on Twitter, you could do that, too.

Who am I?

My name is Patrick McKenzie (better known as patio11 on the Internets.)

Twitter: @patio11 HN: patio11

Bits about Money

I also write a weekly newsletter on the intersection of tech and finance.